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Introducing the easy-to-use entry-level version of Sensus BPM Online. Sensus BPM Designer Lite allows you to model and share processes with colleagues in no time at all. Take a look at the key features!


Model, share and improve your processes

Uniform processes, worldwide understanding

No installation

Working securely in the cloud


Sensus BPM Online and – products were developed with one thing in mind: simplicity.



Whatever the business process describes, everyone must be able to work with it. Whether you describe certain work methods, or want to map out tasks & responsibilities, Sensus BPM Online will give your employees at-a-glance insight.

Sensus BPM Software

“A tremendous improvement of our quality system processes!”

Rudsel Leito, Managing Director, Selibon B.V., Bonaire

Seeing is understanding

Needless to say, the Sensus BPM Online will automatically visualise all processes in various ways.



  • Process flow report – full report with all the important information about the process.
  • Swim lanes – Shows how the process runs through the organisation.
  • Job descriptions – who is responsible for what?
  • Who does what? (And who doesn’t?)
  • A printout of tasks & jobs at the touch of a button.
  • Documents – shows which documents are important for which processes.
Sensus BPM Software

Start your SENSUS BPM DESIGNER LITE trial now!

Who does what, when and why?

Sensus BPM Online packs a host of possibilities and opportunities. It allows you to, for example, link competency management (i.e. getting the right person in the right job) to your job profiles and process management.



That makes it extremely easy to link responsibilities and people to the different processes. Whenever tasks and responsibilities within a process change, the corresponding job profiles will also change. Misunderstandings eliminated, clarity guaranteed.

Organigram in Sensus BPM Software

Working securely any time, anywhere

Sensus BPM Online runs exclusively on a secure cloud server. It is what is known as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, making complicated installation procedures and investments in IT infrastructure a thing of the past, and enabling you to work from anywhere.



Updates and upgrades are instantly available without you having to take any action. Get off to a flying start!

Organigram in Sensus BPM Software

What our customers say

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Having different sets of processes and frameworks depicted in Sensus BPM Software is time saving for me. Undoubtedly I value the custom data fields of Sensus BPM Software the most.”

Nikolaos Vasileiadis

Senior Strategic Partner, Multi-Standard Management System, Greece

“Sensus’ BPM modeling software allows us to meet the new requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard even better.”

C. Alberto

Executive Director, Vidanova Pension Management, Curaçao


Discover the possibilities of different Sensus BPM Online versions. Tell us what kind of BPM Designer you are, and we will offer you the process management solution that will enable you to start mapping your business processes. A solution that fits in with your business operations.

Sensus BPM Designer Lite

Model, share and improve your Business Processes

Sensus BPM Cloud

Structure, Model and improve your Processes Together

Sensus BPM Server

Powerful BPM Suite for large projects

Sensus BPM Cloud

Share, store and publish processes in the cloud
 /on request
  • Edit, Change and Improve processes together 
  • All Sensus BPM Designer Lite features, plus:
  • Intranet Integration
  • Make custom web publications
  • Advanced secure hosting and publication
  • Add custom fields like KPIs or risks to processes
  • Link documents to Processes
  • Create organisational chart
  • Add application landscape to processes
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Automatic backup
  • Installation needed
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Sensus BPM Server

Powerful BPM Suite for the enterprise
 /on request
  • Install and manage your private Sensus Server on Premise
  • All Sensus BPM Designer Lite features, plus:
  • Create a Process Library
  • Index linked Documents
  • Create unlimited Sensus BPM projects
  • Secure Web Publication on company network
  • Advanced User management
  • Publish in the cloud or on-premise
  • Connect to other applications
  • Installation needed
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* All Sensus BPM Online products except Sensus BPM App require an annual contract.