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Driver of change, innovation and modernisation

That’s Sensus Process management



Sensus BPM Online is our unique, user-friendly process management solution that lets you map, improve and share processes throughout your organisation. Processes mapped using Sensus BPM Online are uniform and transparent, so anyone anywhere in the world can understand them.

Driver of change, innovation and modernisation

If you would like to optimise your business processes, Sensus BPM Online is the right choice for you! A practical communication platform for inspiring collaboration and communication.

“Sensus BPM Software just makes modeling a process so simple and intuitive that anyone can do it”

Johan van der Burg | USG Professionals

BPM solution for real life

You want to accomplish objectives. Work more efficiently, for example. Improve management flows, raise quality, make changes transparent. Sensus BPM Online will bring the right management information to the surface in the most straightforward manner. Fast and easy to reference, giving you insight into how you are accomplishing your objective whenever you want.

Doing it together

Management will have instant insight into where responsibilities lie. Tasks and responsibilities are linked to processes and activities, enabling effortless production of a job/task overview. An important plus. The employees who execute the process can engage in unambiguous communication and mutual learning. This is how the language becomes a platform for discussion about your processes. Resulting in instantly measurable gains.

Tieltjes Logo“Our methods and processes have changed, but it’s easy to make adjustments with Sensus BPM software.””

Tieltjes Precision parts

What suits you best?

Tell us what kind of BPM modeler you are, and we will offer you the process management solution that will enable you to start mapping your business processes. A BPM solution that fits in with your business operations.


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